How to streamline your fitness routine


This post will be about how to make your life easier by being more organized. Everybody is busy. The question is, how do you use your time in order to do the things that truly matter.

Yes. Some people who are busier can accomplish more tasks and can be more effective than others.

How to be organized?

Make a routine and stick to it as best as possible.

Then portion your time out.

8 hours of work
8 hours of sleep

Then work out portions for other stuff including your fitness routine.

Usually, I spend 2 hours at the gym. You can at least spend 30 minutes daily at home or an hour at your fitness gym.

Remember, Bill Gates is rich. But he doesn't give money to any charity. He has a lot of people to do a lot of research to determine what will have the biggest bang per dollar. Do the same with your time.

Example, do you need to spend 2 hours on Netflix daily? I am not saying you should not watch Netflix. But it is not an excuse to say you didn't have time for a workout, when in fact you had the time to watch a movie on Netflix.

Bottom line is, do what's more important. Health should be a the top!
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